Sharing Enterprise Data Course

One of the University’s Data Guiding Principles is “Trust but verify appropriate use and sharing of data.” Appropriately distributing enterprise data, reports or analyses, either internally or externally, requires comprehensive knowledge about data security, data privacy, data sensitivity, and data sharing policies and procedures.

The Sharing Enterprise Data Training was developed to educate and empower University employees on the proper ways to share enterprise data. The training follows the Sharing Enterprise Data Checklist, which outlines the various considerations required every time data is intended to be shared.

Who should take the Sharing Enterprise Data Training?

  • Required for any University employee with direct access to enterprise data
  • Recommended for University employees with permissions to view or access Public-Sensitive, Private-Restricted and Private-Highly Restricted enterprise data
  • Recommended for University employees responsible for sharing enterprise data externally or internally (communicators, government liaisons, etc.)

How to enroll in Sharing Enterprise Data Training:

  • The training is hosted in TrainingHub. Enroll online at:
  • Individuals who are required to take the training may be automatically enrolled. For questions about this required training, contact [email protected].