Reporting Tools

The University has multiple reporting tools that house, access and translate enterprise data into consumable reports or dashboards.

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Reporting Center

The Reporting Center is part of MyU. It is a central place to locate university-wide reports, including UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft.

MyU Reporting Center

UM Analytics

UM Analytics is the University of Minnesota's Oracle Analytics tool. UM Analytics is an enterprise tool for using, creating, and sharing interactive analyses, dashboards, and visualizations using data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Learn more about becoming a UM Analytics dashboard author.

Access enterprise-wide UM Analytics dashboards through the MyU Reporting Center.

The Enterprise Data Dictionary provides definitions of data elements in UM Analytics. You can browse for data elements by UM Analytics subject area and search for terms by name or keywords across one or more subject areas.

PeopleSoft Query

PeopleSoft queries provide users with operational real-time data. View available queries through the Query Viewer or build a query in Query Manager.

Learn more about the University's Oracle PeopleSoft enterprise applications.

AppsToGo / SQL Developer

AppsToGo is an online service that can be used to run SQL Developer; a free, integrated development tool used by data practitioners across the University to develop SQL code that runs against Oracle databases such as the Data Warehouse for ad hoc and report development purposes. Learn more about requesting access to AppsToGo through OIT.


Tableau Desktop software provides individuals the ability to perform data analysis and visualization. Learn more about Tableau licensing and request a Tableau Server site through OIT.

IDERA Term Glossary

The IDERA Term Glossary lists business terms that have been defined through the Data Governance Process. Visit the Glossary to see a list of all approved enterprise data terms. The Glossary can be browsed or searched. Login using your University Internet ID. (Access to the Idera Term Glossary requires a VPN connection.)